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Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) was first discovered in the late 19th century. Today, this type of gas is increasingly used in many countries around the world. Following the global trend, Vietnam has also begun participating in the LNG market.

With its large energy storage capacity and ability to reduce harmful emissions, LNG has become an environmentally friendly and cost-effective solution. Currently, LNG is widely used in various industries worldwide, including electricity generation, steel production, and metal manufacturing. LNG can also be used in transportation vehicles and to provide energy for hotels, restaurants, and tourist areas.

Sectors and Discipline

  1. Conventional and Renewable Power Stations
  2. Transmission Lines and Sub-Stations
  3. Revamping & Expansion Planning
  4. Hydrological Studies
  5. Hydraulic Designs
  6. Topographic Mapping & Surveying
  7. Geotechnical and Structural Engineering & Design
  8. Electro – Mechanical Plant Engineering
  9. Power System Studies and Generation
  10. Cooling Towers & Cooling Water Systems
  11. Energy Management and Conservation Studies

Environmental and Commercial Services

  1. Environmental Engineering
  2. Environmental Impact Assessment and Auditing
  3. Monitoring and Analysis
  4. Catchment Management Plans
  5. Legislation and Regulation
  6. Permitting and Licensing Applications
  7. Financial Modelling
  8. Project Finance Resource Identification
  9. Pricing and Tariff Studies
  10. Commercial Documents
  11. Contract Negotiations
  12. Procurement and Contract Administration

Technical Services

  1. Market Studies
  2. Site selection studies
  3. Pre-Investment Studies
  4. Techno-Economic Feasibility Studies
  5. Owner / Lender Engineering
  6. Project Management
  7. Engineering Design and Specifications
  8. Tendering process & Contract Documentation
  9. Contract Management
  10. Construction Supervision
  11. Testing & Commissioning
  12. Training and Capacity Building

Strategic partners


Head office: BT L06-02 & L06-03, Area A, Duong Noi Urban Area, La Khe Ward, Ha Dong District, Ha Noi City



Hotline: (+84) 2466 663 303


Northeast Branch:

No. 8, Area 2, Hong Hai Ward, City. Ha Long, Quang Ninh Province.

Central branch:

Hai Thuong Ward, Town. Nghi Son, Thanh Hoa Province.

Southern branch:

Nam Thinh Residential Area, An Binh Ward, City. Di An, Binh Duong Province.

Quang Trach office:

Minh Son Hamlet, Quang Dong Commune, Quang Trach District, Quang Binh Province.


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