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Maintenance and repair of industrial plants

With the comment: Maintenance is a large market bringing a huge amount of work to businesses operating in this field. As Vietnam increasingly integrates and develops, industrialization and modernization also develop. New machinery, equipment, and lines will be imported and widely used and their quantity will also increase sharply

The field of maintenance in factories is considered an important issue no less than the import of new technology systems. Because this helps increase the life of components, machinery and equipment, contributing to reducing product costs.

Grasp and understand the importance of factory maintenance and repair work. Over the past years, SOUNDTON INDUSTRY JOINT STOCK COMPANY has always focused on investing in personnel, machinery and equipment to meet and improve service quality.

For industrial plants, in order to operate safely, stably and achieve high efficiency, regular maintenance, repair and maintenance are necessary and very important activities. Repairing and maintaining factories is often very complicated and difficult due to having to work in narrow, craggy spaces, interwoven with active equipment, requiring very urgent progress, which Requires workers, in addition to patience and meticulousness, to also have passion, discipline and especially expertise

In recent times, SOUNDTON INDUSTRY JOINT STOCK COMPANY has successfully repaired and maintained many factories: Hoang Thach Cement Factory, Nghi Son Cement Factory, Thai Binh 1 Thermal Power Plant, Nghi Son thermal power plant,…

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