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Spring trip activities at the beginning of the year with Soundton staff

On March 16, Soundton Industrial Joint Stock Company successfully conducted a spring trip to the famous spiritual and cultural site of Hoa Binh province: Thac Bo Lord Temple. The trip brought many profound spiritual experiences to the employees in the first days of the year, and was a good opportunity for the Soundton family to move towards the values of truth, goodness and beauty, as well as bond together in group activities

Participating in the spring trip activities at the beginning of the year were the Chairman of the Board of Directors, Vice Chairman, General Director, along with the entire Board of Directors and employees of the company.

Soundton staff


Departing from the headquarters of BT company L06-02 & L06-03, Area A, Duong Noi Urban Area, La Khe Ward, Ha Dong District. After more than 2 hours of traveling, the company’s staff arrived at Thung Nai wharf and boarded the ship to start the first spring trip of the year.

Thac Bo spiritual tourist area


At Lord Thac Bo Temple, the group of employees respectfully offered offerings and sincerely prayed to express their respect and pray for good things for all employees as well as for the company’s growing business. development.

The staff expressed their joy and love when the company created conditions for them to have a meaningful, thoughtful, safe spring trip and also sent their thanks to the company’s Board of Directors for always doing their best. Pay attention to the material and spiritual life of all members of the company.

Some pictures from the spring trip at the beginning of the year:



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