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Supporting Covid epidemic prevention work in Yen Dung, Bac Giang

SOUNDTON INDUSTRY JOINT STOCK COMPANY supports Covid epidemic prevention work in Yen Dung district, Bac Giang province.

In recent days, the Covid-19 epidemic situation in Vietnam has become increasingly complicated, the infection rate of this epidemic is much higher than previous epidemics. Among them, Bac Giang and Bac Ninh are being recognized as the hottest and most dangerous epidemic spots in the country with the number of new cases increasing every day. The Government has directed a blockade and implemented social isolation for the two above provinces. Currently, the food supply is interrupted, the lives of thousands of people are in a difficult situation, they are destitute, they run out of food for many days, and need urgent support; Hospitals and medical facilities need to be supported with additional equipment and tools to fight the epidemic.

With the spirit of “fighting the epidemic like fighting the enemy”, “not leaving anyone behind”; Many localities and units across the country are turning to Bac Giang – Bac Ninh for support in terms of both human and material resources with the desire to soon control and extinguish the outbreak that is breaking out violently in the provinces.

Sharing that spirit, on May 19, 2021, Vietnam Dream Fund donated 20,000,000 VND to Yen Dung district, Bac Giang province to join hands with the locality to fight the epidemic.

Representative of Dong Viet commune government received gifts of support from Soundton Industry Joint Stock Company.

Soundton Industry Joint Stock Company donated 20,000,000 VND to Dong Viet commune, Yen Dung district, Bac Giang province with the desire to help the difficult lives of people in epidemic areas.

The COVID-19 epidemic has caused a lot of damage, but looking from another angle, the difficult and dangerous situation will help us understand the spirit of care and mutual support of Vietnamese souls that always “radiates”. “light” no matter the circumstances.

For the goal of “Winning the epidemic – Pushing back Covid”, the Vietnam Dream Fund earnestly calls on units, organizations, and philanthropists to join hands to contribute and support funds and material resources to strengthen strong for frontline forces fighting the epidemic.


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